Common Name

Alpine Bitter-cress                   Mustard               White

Alpine Buckwheat                   Buckwheat


Alpine Buckwheat

Alpine Buckwheat

Alpine Dusty Maiden              Sunflower              Red

Alpine Everlasting                   Sunflower             White

Alpine Shooting Star               Primrose            Pink Yellow

Alpine Speedwell                     Broom-Rape       Blue

American Brooklime                Broom-Rape       Blue

American Yellowrocket            Mustard              Yellow

Angelica                                    Carrot                 White

Arrowhead Butterweed           Sunflower           Yellow

Arrowleaf Balsamroot              Sunflower           Yellow

Arroyo Willow                              Willow                White
Autumn Dwarf Gentian              Gentian               Pink

Autumn Willowweed                 Primrose              Pink

Beargrass                                       Lily                  White

Beavertail-Grass                            Lily                  White

Big Leaf Maple                             Maple                White

Bigelow's Sneezeweed            Sunflower            Yellow

Birdcage Primrose                     Primrose            White

Birdfoot Buttercup                       Buttercup           Yellow

Bitter Cherry                                  Rose                 White

Bitter Lettuce                              Sunflower             Yellow

Bitterbrush                                     Rose                  Yellow

Black Locust                               Legume               White

Bleeding Hearts                          Poppy                   Pink

Bloomer's Goldenbush             Sunflower              Yellow

Blue Elderberry                         Honeysuckle         White

Blue Monardella                              Mint                  Pink

Blue Sailors                                 Sunflower            Blue

Bluehead Gilia                               Phlox                 Blue

Blue-Pod Lupine                          Legume              Blue

Bog Orchid                                    Orchid                White

Bog-Bean                                      Buckbean            White

Bolander's Bedstraw                   Madder                Red

Bolander's Hawkweed               Sunflower             Yellow

Bolander's Tarweed                  Sunflower              Yellow

Bouncing Bet                          Carophyllaceae      Pink White

Branched Lagophylla                  Sunflower           Yellow

Brewer's Aster                             Sunflower           Yellow

Brewer's Monkeyflower             Broom-rape       Pink, White

Brewer's Spruce                            Pine                  Brown 

Brickellbush Aster                       Sunflower           Purple

Bride's Bonnet                                 Lily                  White

Bristly Fiddleneck                    Forget-Me-Not       Orange

Broad-seeded Rock-cress          Mustard             Purple

Brush Pea                                      Legume          Blue, Purple

Buck Lotus                                     Legume               Red

Bull Elephant's Head                 Broom-rape            Pink

Bull Thistle                                    Sunflower              Pink

Bur-Clover                                     Legume              Yellow

Bush Beardtongue                      Broom-rape         Yellow

Bush Chinquapin                              Oak                 Yellow

Butter Lupine                                 Legume              Yellow

California Blackberry                     Rose                  White

California Bog                                 Lily                     Yellow

California Coffee Berry               Buckthorn             Green

California Cone-flower                Sunflower             Yellow

California Goldenrod                   Sunflower             Yellow

California Ground-Cone           Broom-Rape          Brown

California Harebell                        Bluebell                Blue

California Lady's Slipper               Orchid            Green, White

California Mountain Ash                Rose                  White

California Pitcher Plant              Pitcher Plant         Brown

California Spikenard                   Ginseng               White

California Stickseed               Forget-Me-Not    Pinkish White

California Wavewing                    Carrot                 Yellow

Calypso Orchid                            Orchid              Pink, Purple

Canada Goldenrod                   Sunflower               Yellow

Canyon Larkspur                       Buttercup               Orange

Cascade Heather                         Heath                    Red

Cascade Oregongrape                                            Yellow

Castle Crags Harebell                Bluebell                 White

Castle Crags Ivesia                      Rose                   Yellow

Chaparral Iris Iris                              Iris                White, Yellow

Checker Lily                                     Lily              Maroon, Green

Checker-Bloom                             Mallow                   Pink

Cheeseweed                                 Mallow                   Pink

Climbing Nightshade                 Nightshade      Purple, Yellow

Club-fruit Willow Herb                  Primrose              Pink

Cobweb Thistle                           Sunflower               Red

Cobwebby Paintbrush             Broom-Rape         Orange

Common Bedstraw                     Madder                 White

Common Chickweed                                              Pink White
Common Madia                          Sunflower          Yellow, Red

Common Muilla                               Lily                      White

Common Nightshade               Nightshade         White, Yellow

Common Vetch                              Pea                       Pink

Compact Phacelia                  Forget-Me-Not          

Copeland's Owl's-clover            Broom-rape       Pink, White

Corn Lily Veratrum                            Lily                   White

Cornflower                                    Sunflower           Blue, White

Cow Parsnip                                   Carrot                    White

Coyote Mint                                      Mint                Pink, White

Cream Stonecrop                       Stonecrop           Yellow, Red

Creamy Ladies                              Orchid                  White

Creek Dogwood                         Dogwood              White

Creeping Sage                               Mint                      Blue

Creeping Sibbaldia                        Rose                  Yellow

Creeping Snowberry                Honeysuckle              Pink

Creeping Wirelettuce                 Sunflower                 Pink

Crevice Alumroot                      Saxifrage                White

Crimson Clover                           Legume                   Red

Crimson Columbine                   Buttercup                 Red

Curl Mountain Mahogany              Rose                   Yellow

Cutleaf Daisy                             Sunflower                Yellow

Cypress Spurge                         Spurge                   Yellow

Davidson's Beardtongue        Broom-rape           Purple

Davis' Knotweed                      Buckwheat             Yellow

Death Camas                                 Lily                     White

Deerbrush                                   Buckthorn           Lavender

Deltoid Balsamroot                     Sunflower           Yellow

Deptford's Pink                               Pine                     Pink 

Desert Trumpet                              Phlox                      Red

Douglas Spiraea                            Rose                     Pink

Douglas Violet                                Violet                 Maroon

Drew Goldeneyed Grass                Iris                      Yellow

Drummond's Anemone              Buttercup                White

Dusky Horkelia                               Rose                    White

Dusty Maiden                              Sunflower                White

Dwarf Bilberry                                Heath                    Pink

Dwarf Hulsea                             Sunflower                Yellow

Dwarf Lupine                               Legume                  Blue

Dwarf Purple Monkeyflower     Broom-rape       Pink, Yellow

Dyer's Woad                               Mustard                 Yellow

Eaton's Daisy                             Sunflower          White, Yellow

Elegant Madia                            Sunflower              Yellow

Evening Lychnis                               Pink                   White

Evening-Primrose                        Primrose              Yellow

Everlasting Pea                           Legume                  Pink

Explorer's Gentian                       Gentian            Blue, Yellow

False Solomon's Seal                     Lily                     White

Fern-leafed Lomatium                  Carrot                  Yellow

Feverfew                                      Sunflower         White, Yellow

Fewleaf Thistle                            Sunflower                Pink

Field Pennycress                         Mustard                White

Fivefinger Cinquefoil                     Rose                   Yellow

Fork-toothed                                   Lily                        Blue

Fringed Grass/Parnassus         Saxifrage         White, Yellow

Fringed Pretty Face                        Lily                      Blue

Fuller's Teasel                             Teasel                  Purple

Giant Blazing Star                           Loasa                  Yellow

Giant Blue-eyed Mary              Broom-Rape       Blue, White 

Red Indian Paintbrush              Broom-Rape            Red

Golden Pea                                      Pea                  Yellow

Grand Collomia                              Phlox                 Orange

                    Saxifrage        White, Yellow

Gray's Campion                               Pink                   Pink

Gray's Lovage                                Carrot                 White

Great Basin Goldenrod             Sunflower              Yellow

Greater Burdock                         Sunflower               Pink


Greene's Brickelbush                 Sunflower             White

Greene's Goldenbush                Sunflower             Yellow

Greene's Mariposa Lily                 Lily                  Pink, Yellow

Greenleaf Manzanita                   Heath              White to Pink

Hartweg's Wild Ginger               Pipevine               Brown

Heartleaf Arnica                        Sunflower               Yellow

Henbit                                             Mint                Pink, Purple            

Henderson's Shooting Star       Primrose            Pink Yellow

Himalayan Blackberry                   Rose                    White

Hoary-Aster                                 Sunflower         Purple, Yellow

Hoelbell's Rock-Cress                 Mustard         Pinkish Purple

Hooded Coralroot                          Orchid              Orange

Hooker's Balsamroot                 Sunflower             Yellow

Horned Butterwort                     Bladderwort      Purple, White

Hornemann's Willow Herb         Primrose                 Pink

Hot Rock Penstemon               Broom-rape       White, Yellow
Houndstongue                          Forget-Me-Not      Blue, White

Houndstongue Hawkweed          Sunflower           Yellow

Huckleberry Oak                               Oak                 Green

Idaho Blue-eyed Grass                      Iris               Blue, Yellow

Indian Hemp                                  Dogbane              White

Indian Warrior                              Broom-rape             Red

Interior Rose                                      Rose                 Pink

Jeffrey's Shooting Star                Primrose         Pink Yellow

Klamath Fawn Lily                            Lily              Yellow, White

Klamath Weed                         St John's Wort        Yellow

Lamb's Quarters                         Amaranth              Green

Large-leaf Avens                            Rose                  Yellow 

Mountain Monkeyflower          Broom-rape            Yellow

Layne's Monkeyflower             Broom-rape        Pink, White

Leafless Pyrola                         Wintergreen            Red

Lemmon's Catchfly                       Pink                     White

Lemonade Berry                         Sumac                  Yellow

Leopard Lily                                      Lily                   Orange

Lesser Baby Innocence           Broom-rape       White, Purple

Lobb's Buckwheat                     Buckwheat        White, Red

Long-beaked Storksbill            Geranium                Pink

Long-stalked Starwort                   Pink                    White

Longtail Wild Ginger                   Pipevine                Brown

Lyall's Leafy Aster                     Sunflower          Purple, Yellow

Maiden Blue-eyed Mary          Broom-Rape        Blue, White
Manyflower                                        Lily                     Blue

Marsh Marigold                           Buttercup         White, Yellow

Marum-leaved Eriogonum          Buckwheat          Yellow

Meadow Knapweed                   Sunflower              Pink

Meadow  Delphinium                  Buttercup       Blue, Lavender

Meadow Nemophila               Forget-Me-Not    White, Purple

Milkwort                                        Milkwort                   Pink

Milkwort Knotweed                    Buckwheat         White, Pink
Milky Kelloggia                            Madder                 Pink

Miner's Lettuce                           Purslane                White

Mock Orange                            Mock Orange          White

Monkshood                                Buttercup                 Blue

Moosehorn Violet                           Violet          Yellow -Maroon

Moth Mullein                                  Figwort                Yellow

Mount Shasta Arnica                Sunflower                Yellow

Mountain Jewel Flower                Mustard               Yellow

Mountain Lady's Slipper              Orchid           Brown, White

Mountain Maple Acer                   Maple                  White

Mountain Mint                                 Mint                     White

Mountain Pennycress                  Mustard                White

Mountain Pink Currant               Gooseberry            Red

Mountain Pretty Face                     Lily                    Yellow

Mountain Pride                         Broom-rape             Pink

Mountain Sagebrush                   Sunflower            Yellow

Mountain Spiraea                          Rose                   Pink

Mountain Violet                              Violet           Yellow Maroon

Mountain Whitethorn                   Buckthorn            White

Mountain-Grape                                                         Yellow

Mugwort Artemisia                    Sunflower               Yellow

Naked Cat's Ear                           Lily                        Pink

Naked Eriogonum                    Buckwheat           White, Red

Naked-stemmed Hawksbeard  Sunflower             Yellow

Narrowleaf Mule Ears                 Sunflower             Yellow

Needleleaf Navarretia                  Phlox                    White

Newberry's Gentian                     Gentian                  Blue

Ninebark Physocarpus                 Rose                    White

Nodding Microseris                    Sunflower              Yellow

Oblong-leaved Buckwheat        Buckwheat               Gold

Oceanspray Holodiscus                 Rose            White, Yellow

Orange Honeysuckle               Honeysuckle            Orange

Orange-flowered Agoseris        Sunflower              Orange

Oregon Boxwood                       Staff-Tree             Maroon

Oregon Checker Mallow             Mallow                    Pink

Oregon Saxifrage                       Saxifrage                White

Ox Eye Daisy                               Sunflower        White, Yellow

Pacific Dogwood                       Dogwood              White

Pacific Pea                                   Legume              Purple

Pacific Poison Oak                       Sumac                White

Pacific Star-flower                       Primrose              Pink

Pale Agoseris                             Sunflower              Yellow

Parish's Purple Nightshade     Nightshade         Purple, Yellow

Parrot's Beak                              Broom-rape              Pink

Partridge Foot                                 Rose             White, Yellow

Pearly Everlasting                        Sunflower         White,Yellow

Periwinkle                                     Dogbane                Blue

Pestle Lomatium                             Carrot                 Yellow

Phantom Orchid                              Orchid                  White

Pine Lupine                                  Legume                 White

Pine Violet                                     Violet                   Yellow

Pinedrops                                  Wintergreen              Red

Pinemat Manzanita                        Heath             White to Pink

Pink Stickseed                        Forget-Me-Not           Pink

Pipsissewa                                      Heath                  Pink

Poison Hemlock                             Carrot                 White

Poison Sanicle                               Carrot                 Yellow

Popcorn Flower                        Forget-Me-Not         White

Prickly Popcorn Flower            Forget-Me-Not        White

Primrose Monkeyflower             Broom-rape            Yellow

Primrose Monkeyflower             Broom-rape           Yellow

Purple Houndstongue             Forget-Me-Not         Purple

Purple Milkweed                          Milkweed             Purple

Purple Sanicle                               
Carrot           Yellow , Purple

Purpleflower Honeysuckle        Honeysuckle             Red

Pussy Ears                                       Lily                      White

Pussy Paws                                  Purslane                 Pink

Queen Anne's Lace                        Carrot                  White

Quill-leaved Lewisia                     Purslane                 Pink

Rattlesnake Plantain                      Orchid           White to Pink

Rayless Chamomile                   Sunflower              Yellow

Rayless Fleabane Daisy            Sunflower              Yellow 

Rayless Groundsel                     Sunflower              Yellow

Red Baneberry                            Buttercup                White

Red Fireweed                              Primrose                Pink

Red Sandspurry                               Pink                     Pink

Reed Lily                                           Lily                     White

Rigid Hedge-                                    Mint               Pink, Purple
Rock Penstemon                      Broom-rape              Pink

Rosy Owl's-clover                     Broom-rape               Pink

Rosy Pussytoes                          Sunflower          White, Red

Roughleaf Aster                          Sunflower           Lavender

Roundleaf Sundew                       Sundew           White, Pink

Sand Lily                                              Lily                  White

Scarlet Fritillary                                 Lily                 Orange

Scottish Bluebell                         Bluebell                   Blue

Scouler's Harebell                      Bluebell                   Blue

Scouler's St John's Wort      St John's Wort         Yellow

Seep-Spring Monkeyflower    Broom-rape          Yellow

Self-Heal Prunella                         Mint                      Blue

Shaggy Hawkweed                 Sunflower                Yellow

Shasta Beardtongue              Broom-rape               Blue

Shasta Hoary-Aster                Sunflower               Yellow

Shasta Knotweed                    Buckwheat         White, Pink

Shasta Lily                                      Lily                Pink, Purple

Shasta Lily                                      Lily                     White

Shasta Little Sunflower            Sunflower             Yellow

Shasta Pincushion                   Sunflower               White

Shasta Puccoon                  Forget-Me-Not          Yellow

Shepherd's Purse                      Mustard                 White

Shieldplant                                  Mustard          White, Yellow

Shorthorn Steershead                Poppy                   Pink

Short-stalk Penstemon          Broom-rape               Blue

Showy Milkweed                        Milkweed          White, Pink

Showy Penstemon                   Broom-rape            Blue

Showy Phlox                                 Phlox                    Pink

Showy Raillardella                     Sunflower            Orange

Showy Sulphur Buckwheat       Buckwheat           Yellow

Shrubby Cinquefoil                          Rose               Yellow

Sierra Gooseberry                    Gooseberry       Red, White

Sierra Morning-Glory             Morning-Glory         White

Sierra Nevada Pea                     Legume              Purple

Sierra Plum                                    Rose                 White

Sierra Saxifrage                        Saxifrage              White

Siskiyou Fireweed                       Primrose             Pink


Silver Pussytoes                         Sunflower             White

Silverleaf Phacelia                 Forget-Me-Not         White

Silvery Lupine                              Legume                Blue

Siskiyou Milkvetch                      Legume               White

Siskiyou Onion                                Lily                    Pink

Sky Pilot Polemonium                  Phlox                  White

Slender Bird's Beak                 Broom-Rape   White, Maroon

Slender Clarkia                            Primrose               Pnk

Slender Hawkweed                     Sunflower            Yellow

Slender Penstemon                   Broom-rape            Blue

Slender Tarweed                       Sunflower            Yellow

Small Burdock                            Sunflower             Pink

Small White Violet                       Violet           White, Maroon

Small-flowered Sticksel      Forget-Me-Not      Blue, White

Snapdragon Scullcap                  Mint                     Blue

Snow Brush                              Buckthorn              White
Soft Arnica                                  Sunflower              Yellow

Sourclover                                 Legume                Yellow

Sow Thistle                               Sunflower               Yellow

Spanish Clover Lotus                 Legume            White, Pink

Sparse-flowered Bog                 Orchid                  Green

Spearmint                                      Mint                     White

Spinster's Blue-eyed Mary     Broom-Rape      Blue, White

Spotted Coralroot                          Orchid              Orange

Spotted Mountain Bells                   Lily              Red, Yellow

Spreading Dogbane                  Dogbane              Pink

Spreading Phlox                          Phlox                  White

Spring Common Madia          Sunflower               Yellow

Spring Whitlowgrass                 Mustard                White

Squaw Carpet                           Buckthorn         Purple, Red

Staining Collomia                       Phlox                    Pink

Star Solomon's Seal                     Lily                     White

Sticktight Bidens                     Sunflower                Yellow

Sticky Blue-eyed Mary          Broom-Rape        Blue, White

Bog -Bean
Giant Blazing Star
Grass of Parnassus
Hertwegs Wild Ginger
Leopard Lily
Mountain Lady's Slipper
Mountain Pink Currant
Phantom Orchid
Sand Lily
Scarlet Entillary
Shasta Lily
Soft Arnica
Spotted Coralroot
Spotted Mountain Bells
Showy Raillardella
Naked Cat's Ear
Orange Honeysuckle
California Pitcher Plant

Sticky Cinquefoil                          Rose                 Yellow

Sticky Red Currant                 Gooseberry               Pink

Sticky Starwort                               Pink                    White

Stinging Nettle                              Nettle            
White, Pink

Stream Orchid                             Orchid            Yellow, Pink

Stream Violet                                Violet          Yellow-Maroon

Streambank Lotus                       Legume        White, Yellow

Suffrutescent Sandwort                   Pink                White

Sugar Stick                                     Heath         White, Maroon

Sulphur Eriogonum                   Buckwheat            Yellow

Sulphur Eriogonum                   Buckwheat            Yellow

Swamp Onion                                  Lily                    Pink

Swamp Thistle                          Sunflower                Pink

Tan Oak                                           Oak                  White

Thimbleberry                                 Rose                   White

Threadleaf                             Forget-Me-Not            Blue

Threadstem                                Sunflower              Yellow

Threeleaf                                       Purslane               White

Three-toothed Horkelia                  Rose                 White

Tinker's Penny                       St John's Wort           Yellow

Tomcat Clover                             Legume            Red, Pink

Tongue                                        Primrose                Pink

Toothy Mountain Violet                   Violet        Yellow-Maroon

Torrey's Blue-eyed Mary        Broom-Rape       Blue, White

True Baby Stars                            Phlox              Pink, Yellow

Tumbleweed                              Amaranth              Green

Turkey Mullein                              Spurge                 White

Umbrella Plant                            Saxifrage          White, Pink

Varileaf Phacelia                    Forget-Me-Not       White

Virgin's Bower                             Buttercup            White

Water Hemlock                             Carrot               White

Water Ragwort                          Sunflower             Yellow

Watercress                                  Mustard               White

Wavyleaf Indian Paintbrush    Broom-Rape          Red

Wedgeleaf                                  Buckthorn            White

Wedgeleaf Violet                        Violet               Lavender

Western Azalea                           Heath               White, Pink

Western Bistort                         Buckwheat             White

Western Blue Flax                          Flax                     Blue

Western Blueberry                         Heath                  Pink

Western Bog Aster                    Sunflower            Lavender

Western Choke Cherry                 Rose                  White

Western Dog Violet                     Violet                    Blue

Western Mountain Aste              Sunflower          Lavender
Western Pasque Flower           Buttercup            White

Western Peony                              Peony                Red

Western Prince's Pine                 Heath                  Pink

Western Serviceberry                  Rose                  White

Western Snakeroot                  Sunflower              Purple

Western Sweet                            Carrot                 Green

Western Tofieldia                           Lily                     White

Western Wallflower                    Mustard                Yellow

Western Waterleaf                Forget-Me-Not        Lavender

Whisker Brush                               Phlox                   Pink

White Hawkweed                       Sunflower              White

White Hyacinth                                 Lily                    White

White Snowberry                      Honeysuckle       Pink, White

White Sweetclover                     Legume                 White

Whiteleaf Manzanita                      Heath           White to Pink

Whitestem Elkweed                    Gentian           Blue, White

Whitestem Elkweed                    Gentian           Blue, White

Whitestem Gooseberry         Gooseberry              White

White-stem Rabbitbrush         Sunflower               Yellow

White-topped Aster                 Sunflower                White

Whiteveined Wintergreen      Wintergreen             White

Wild Mint                                         Mint                    White

Wild Strawberry                            Rose                   White

Wilkin's Bellflower                       Bluebell                 Blue

Wood Rose                                   Rose                    Pink

Woolly Balsamroot                   Sunflower               Yellow

Woolly Mullein                              Figwort                 Yellow

Woolly Sunflower                        Sunflower             Yellow

Woolly Sunflower                         Sunflower            Yellow

Yampah                                         Carrot                 White

Yarrow                                       Sunflower               White

Yellow Pond Lily                        Water Lily             Yellow

Yellow Salsify                            Sunflower              Yellow

Yellow Star-thistle                      Sunflower              Yellow

Zigzag Groundsmoke               Primrose         White, Pink

Western Mountain Aster
Wilkens Bellflower
Yellow Bells
Siskiyou Iris
Sierra Gooseberry
Wild Rose
Black-eyed Susan
Button Bush
Butterfly Weed
Red Butterfly Weed
Evening Primrose
Fishhook Aster
Golden Currant
Columbine Butterfly
Indian Paint Bush
Indian Paint
Lotus Flower
Purple Prairie Clover
Roundleaf Sundew
Running Buffafo Clover
Spider Wort
Yellow Columbine
California Golden Poppy

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