Fort Jones

Location:  18 miles southwest of Yreka on State Highway 3

Elevation:  2,747 feet above sea level

Population: 660

History : The town of Fort Jones was first named Wheelocks.  After O. C. Wheelocks who built a trading post here in 1852.
Fort Jones became a stage stop along the Oregon Trail which traveled through Scott Valley.

In 1854 it was named Ottitiewa, the Indian name for the Scott Valley branch of the Shasta tribe.
It was renamed Fort Jones in 1860 after the U.S. Army fort that had been built in 1852.

The fort was active for five years and was abandoned in 1857.
Fort Jones became an active trading center for miners and ranchers.

Fort Jones retains the favor of a bustling gold rush town of the late 1800's, with the modern services

Beef Cattle
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